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Mar. 18th, 2011

Ji Ji!! ^^


忘れないで (Don't Forget) - [4]

Chapter Title: Confusion
aoi//Slight Yuri
Warning(s): Explicit Sexual Scenes or Sexual References//Fictional Characters//Cussing//Fluff
DBSK (All Members) || Lee Hara


Author's Note: YunJae fans... I want to live, don't kill me.


Jaejoong and Hara headed for the park and spent the whole day there. Neither of them speaking about anything at all. Jaejoong was obviously busy thinking of Yunho again. Hara would glance at him and watch his blank facial expression, and just by watching that she knew that Jaejoong was thinking of him again. How she wanted to kill Jung Yunho right now for breaking his heart.


On the walk back to Jaejoong’s place wasn’t any different either. He was still quiet and obviously thinking about Jaejoong. This time, serious and deep, his facial expression showed this. His eyebrows were furrowed, he was thinking seriously and deeply. Hara sighed.


“Thinking of him won’t get you anywhere. Just forget him Jaejoongie… Please…” Hara said and Jaejoong looked at her with a slightly hurt and confused expression mixed in. Once they got to his place, they stayed up all day in his room.


Jaejoong ignored to greet his parents or his sisters. They kept themselves stuck and secluded inside his room. Watching a bunch of dramas which eventually made the two of them cry. Being stupid after all, they’ve decided to just watch these dramas thinking the pain would go away. But it only made things worse.


It was already 10:30 p.m. Hara wasn’t in the mood to go home just yet. She stared at the ceiling as she laid on the bed next to Jaejoong. Neither of them have spoken ever since. But someone was bound to break that silence.


“Jaejoong…” Hara spoke.


“Yeah?” Jaejoong responded.


“Why do you like Jung Yunho so much? I thought you loved me oppa, why do you love Yunho?” Hara asked. Jaejoong began to think and the very first thing that came into his mind was that day Yunho tried to rescue him from his bullies.


“Because of that day.” Jaejoong said.


“That day, he defended me. Aside from you, nobody has ever thought of defending me. I knew you would, you’re my best friend and I know the pain you’d go through just to protect me. But nobody else, not especially a guy would even think of defending me. I was surprised when Yunho did. I guess his looks are what you can say is simply a bonus.” Jaejoong explained. Hara still didn’t get it.


“I wish you were a man completely instead…” Hara whispered to herself as she sat up from the bed. Jaejoong sat up as well, hearing her slight whisper.


“What did you say?” Jaejoong asked wanting to know what she said. Hara sighed and shook her head. She turned to face Jaejoong and just gave a weak sweet smile.


“Nothing…” Hara responded quietly. But Jaejoong was too determined.


“No no, please tell me. No secrets. I heard you say something about me and now I want to know.” Jaejoong said insisting. Hara made a face and shook her head.


“Ani! (No!)” Hara insisted. Jaejoong clicked his tongue in annoyance.


“Ya! Lee Hara, you better tell me!” Jaejoong said and Hara was being stubborn. She lifted her head a bit and shook her head like a child while pouting.


“Aish, Lee Hara tell me right now! I demand you too!” Jaejoong said raising his voice.


“Ya! Don’t raise your voice! And who are you to demand me huh? I may be your best friend and the only person in this world who would literally die for your sake but never would you have the guts to even try and demand me Kim Jaejoong!” Hara said and Jaejoong furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance.


“Tell me!”


“Ani! (No!)”






With that kind of fighting, Jaejoong nudged her to the side, with his strength he slightly tilted her to the side causing her to almost fall off the bed. Hara was taken aback and Jaejoong ignored her. She slapped Jaejoong’s arm playfully and Jaejoong stared back at her angry, he shoved her slightly and she did the same back till the two were not slapping each other’s sides playfully.


They were at it for a couple of minutes. Being children and girly they kept slapping each other’s side instead of speaking up to one another. Jaejoong accidentally misses hitting her as Hara backs up a bit and it causes Jaejoong to lose his balance and fall on top of her.


“Aish! Kim Jaejoong you’re so heavy! Get off me!” Hara said as she tried to push him off but Jaejoong wouldn’t move. He stared at Hara seriously. No matter how much skinship they had, how much he always leeched onto her, hugged her and even slept right next to her he has never been this close, face to face, with her.


Jaejoong kept admiring her for a bit while Hara was busy prying and shoving Jaejoong off of her. He was too heavy for her small body to take so she did, with all her strength, try to push Jaejoong off but he just would not budge. Hara stopped when she saw how seriously Jaejoong was staring right at her. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she looked at Jaejoong’s face.


“Ya… Wae? (Why?) What’s on my face? Why are you looking at me like that? Ya, Kim Jaejoong, what’s wrong with you?” Hara kept asking but Jaejoong was too busy looking at her face. He was close to her face, their face was inches apart and he was practically breathing her scent.



Her scent… So good… Her face… So fragile… Her skin… A milky gorgeous complexion… Her eyes… Gorgeous… Why do I only notice these features from you now after knowing you for so long? Jaejoong said inside his mind as he continued to admire each part of her.


“Beautiful…” Jaejoong muttered.


“Eh?” Hara exclaimed as she looked at Jaejoong confused. Jaejoong’s eyes ran down from her eyes, to her nose to her plump lips. Jaejoong stared at it for a while. He wondered about the taste and feel of her lips. He grew curious. Jaejoong closed his eyes and Hara watched him in confusion. He neared his face towards hers and Hara tried to sink her head deep onto the sheets but it was a dead end and Jaejoong’s plump lips were already on top of hers.


Gentle and soft. Their lips matched. Hara tried to hold back the response she wanted to give towards Jaejoong. But with his growing curiosity the kiss got deepened. The more force he put in and the harder he pushed. Hara couldn’t hold it back, and she ended up responding to his little gentle touch. Jaejoong suddenly realized what he was doing when he felt her respond and his eyes fluttered open and he sat up staring onto the ground with his eyes wide open.


Hara shot up as well, breathing, trying at least, as she tried to recall what just happened. The two of them were confused, mostly Hara was. She wondered why he kissed her, and she wondered why he even had to stop doing so as well, just at the moment she wanted more of it. And she definitely did.


“M-m-mian… (S-s-sorry…)” Jaejoong said quietly and softly. He scratched the back of his head. He felt like he disgusted her with the way he acted. With that response he felt bad for leading her on. He gripped onto the sheets of his bed, angry at himself.


“It’s okay…” Hara responded quietly as she played with her fingers. Jaejoong looked over at her. For some reason she had this sense of glow. Never in Jaejoong’s life has he looked at her this way. The way she looked in front of him right now was gentle and sweet. As if she was fragile, and one foul word like damn would practically crack her into shattered pieces of glass. That’s how fragile she looked.


Jaejoong gulped. He shifted his position and drawn his face closer to hers again. Hara stared at Jaejoong in confusion just like earlier. They stared at each other for a while. Hara grew curious and she finally wanted to know what he wanted and why he was acting like that.


“What’s wrong? Why are you acting like that?” Hara asked.


“Mola… (I don’t know…)” Jaejoong responded, his face still in close contact.


“What do you want?” Hara asked normally.


“Mola… (I don’t know…)” Jaejoong said. There was silence and they stayed that way for minutes. Jaejoong gulped down and breathed heavily. With their faces close to each other like that, Hara felt his heavy breathing.


“Say it…” Hara said.


“Say what?” Jaejoong asked.


“What you want me to do…” Hara said, awaiting his answer.


“Turn me into someone like Yunho…” Jaejoong said. Hara didn’t want to. She loved the way Jaejoong was. Homosexual and loving. But deep deep inside of her, she knew she wanted him to be just like Yunho, but with a catch, the fact that he gets to stay this way. He gets to stay the way he is.


That way it is now… The fact that she practically owns him…


“Fine…” Hara responded and with that Jaejoong kissed her again. He’d stop from time to time, leave a small space then go back onto her lips again. Every time he went back the kiss was deepened, it was rougher and harder. To the point that he would push her back with his lips.


Jaejoong got on top of her and deepened the kiss now that he was finally on top of her. Hara responded. She wrapped her arms around Jaejoong’s neck and continued to kiss those lips. The ones she’s been wishing to devour for years now. She slipped her hands from his neck, gliding down towards his school uniform and unbuttoning it one by one.


With one button left she quickly undone it and ran her hands across Jaejoong’s body. His body, perfectly sculptured the way women would want their men to have. This, she was sure, was a better body than Yunho’s no matter how sporty the man was. Jaejoong made Hara do everything, guide him in what they were about to do.


Hara pushed Jaejoong off gently and got on top of him. She sat on his stomach and stared at him for a while. At first she felt completely guilty for doing this. Then she felt pity on him. The fact that she just had to be the one to do this to him. It annoyed her as well.


“Panda…” Hara said and she pouted.


“I don’t want to do this…” Hara said.


“If you’re saying that out of guilt or pity I’m hurt. Please don’t let that stop you. Just do it for me please. I’m begging you….” Jaejoong said and Hara bit her lower lip, resisting her temptations but she couldn’t hold it back because he was asking for it too.


Hara’s hands were trembling as she tried to go on the bottom button of her blouse. She bit her lip harder, she didn’t want to seriously do this. But with her temptation fighting and Jaejoong asking it just played a trick on her. She began to unbutton her blouse and Jaejoong watched. His eyes slowly turning into lust.


Don’t change… Don’t ever change Kim Jaejoong…


Hara kept thinking in her mind. If she was going to turn Jaejoong into a full pledged man, she simply hoped he won’t turn into a complete bastard like the rest of them. Turn into a man, be her guest, but never change. Stay the same. Stay sweet. If you turn into a man and people still mock you for being gay because of your gestures, screw them, don’t change.


Hara finished unbuttoning her blouse and slid off her blouse. She slid down onto her white milky skin and Jaejoong watched it slide. His eyes turned into more lust and something below him heated and tightened. Hara felt this little tight thing poke her from below and there was definitely no stopping now.


Jaejoong stared at her bra. Her cleavage, her breast just there… Staring… Hara didn’t want to move. So Jaejoong slid his hand on her back, his fingers gently tickling her back and running through her soft skin. Jaejoong never imagined a more perfect girl with a perfect body. His hands unclasped her bra and slowly she shrugged off her bra and tossed it to the edge of the bed.


Jaejoong admired her breast for a couple of minutes. Her nipples pink and plump, hardened a little and he ran his fingers through them. Hara heaved out a soft breathing as she resisted her moaning. Jaejoong cupped them and played with them for a while and Hara let out a soft moan as she titled her head back a little and she closed her eyes.


Jaejoong watched her reaction and it turned him on some more. He used one of his hands to support his back as she tried to fix his position. He sat up and Hara was now on his lap. Jaejoong began to suck on her breast, playing and licking her nipple as well as biting it in the process. Hara kept moaning. Moans escaped her mouth no matter how hard she tried to stop them.


Jaejoong did the same motions for her other breast. He played with them and buried his face in them for a while before sucking onto her collarbone then reaching for her neck. Licking and biting till his forehead met hers. They stared into each other’s eyes for a while. Jaejoong felt sheer joy of heaven looking into her eyes.


He kissed her again. Licking her lips, asking for entrance in which she gave in. Once she did his tongue played with her tongue. He licked every part of her mouth inside and out. Hara’s hands ran through Jaejoong’s shoulder sliding off his school uniform and tossing it to the ground. Jaejoong’s lips parted from hers and went back to her breast.


After playing with it Jaejoong stood up and began to unbuckle his belt. He was doing it real fast and Hara couldn’t help but laugh at him. Jaejoong stopped and stared at his friend who was now on her bed laughing her ass off.


“What’s so funny?” Jaejoong asked.


“Someone’s so eager it makes me laugh…” Hara said as she resisted more giggles. Jaejoong pouted then glared at her. He continued to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. As he got them off Hara did the same for her skirt. She slid them off along with the remaining underwear she had on and she was completely naked while Jaejoong was still in his boxers.


She grabbed onto Jaejoong’s wrist and made him kneel. She pushed him back and made him lie down. She went below and touched the garter of his boxers and slid them off of him gently. His hardened member showing. Hara took off his boxers and tossed them somewhere. Her gentle soft hands held onto his hardened member and with that simply touch Jaejoong moaned.


Hara began to stroke it with her hand and Jaejoong’s moaning got louder and more. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed and endured the pleasure Hara’s hands were giving off. Her stroking got faster and she stopped for a bit. Jaejoong opened his eyes as he felt something wet on his shaft and was surprised to see Hara placing his shaft inside her mouth.


He closed his eyes again, feeling the pleasure and wetness of her mouth. She sucked him faster and along with her tongue licked it as she went up and down with his shaft. Jaejoong bit his lower lip as he tried to resist himself from climaxing but he couldn’t help it ended up spilling inside Hara’s mouth. She gladly took it in and swallowed it.


“Your turn.” Hara said and got on top of him again. She went up as her now wet entrance met up with Jaejoong’s face. He grabbed onto her butt cheeks and lowered her body as his tongue began to work its magic. He had no clue what to do but he continued to lick every inch of it. Hara kept moaning and moaning. She sat up, her sex on his face as Jaejoong held onto her thighs and began to enjoy licking each part of her.


She climaxed on her face and after a minute later she felt something enter her. And something added to that and so on and on. Jaejoong fingered her as fast as he could. Four fingers inside already and he kept thrusting really hard. The harder he thrusts, the more she moaned and the more she moaned the harder his shaft became.


He stopped when he felt her climaxing again. Hara fixed her position and positioned Jaejoong’s shaft onto her wet entrance. She rubbed it on his shaft and continued to stare at his eyes with lust just like what he did with her. After a while she finally made Jaejoong’s shaft enter her and she moaned in pain. It was her first time and it was hell of a lot painful.


She struggled to put his whole length inside of her and after a while finally got it in. She stayed in that position for a while, getting used to his length’s size and she continued to moan in pain. Once she got used to it she slowly began to push up and down. Thrusting his shaft. Slow at first and slightly fastening up her pace, their skins touching and as fast as she started the louder the skin slapping got.


“Ugh…” Jaejoong moaned as he placed his hands around her waist and guided her to go faster. Jaejoong kept moaning as he felt sheer joy of this moment. At one point he even smiled at the pleasure he felt from this. Hara moaned as she continued to ride him. Jaejoong climaxed and Hara continued to rub on him. Jaejoong lusted and wanted more.


He grabbed onto Hara’s waist and pulled her up, laying her down on her knees. He stroked his length for a bit as he grabbed onto Hara’s waist. He positioned his shaft in front of her wet entrance as her back face him while she was on her knees. Jaejoong entered her again and she moaned loud from hi sudden surprise.


Jaejoong began to move fast. He didn’t even think of going slowly. Hara dealt with the pain as Jaejoong continued to pleasure himself. Her butt cheeks slapping onto his thighs as he thrusted himself inside of her faster. The feel of her on him felt amazing and addicting for Jaejoong. His hand remained on her waist while the other was on her shoulder, begging her to go deeper and faster.


When Jaejoong came again he didn’t waste any time and turned her around. Hara was tired and she couldn’t even move her body. She was sweating all over. Jaejoong spread her legs up again and went back inside of her, shoving in hard and Hara screamed in pain.


Jaejoong didn’t move for a while as he began to kiss and suck on her neck. Sniffing her scent and getting addicted to it. He began to move again. Thrusting deeper and harder, literally shoving his whole length inside as he held onto her legs. From below her legs he grabbed her thighs and it helped him thrust in faster. Hara bit her fingernails as she fought the pain and tried to deal with the joyous pleasure of it.


Jaejoong tilted his head back from the pleasure and he enjyed every part of it. He never wanted it to end, ever, he enjoyed it. He never knew it would feel this amazingly good, and he wanted more and more of it as he continued to thrust in.


“Argh… Hara… Ugh…” Jaejoong kept thrusting and Hara was simply moaning. She wanted it to end soon. Jaejoong was feeling his climax and with a powerful last thrust he shoved his whole length inside of her and climaxed inside of her. He stayed like that as the two of them tried to catch their breath. Jaejoong laid on top of Hara. His he on her chest as he was staring at the window. Hara hugged him closer to her. She felt tired.


“That was amazing…” Jaejoong said softly as his gaze continued. Hara was too tired to even respond. Jaejoong began to think of Yunho. His length was still inside of Hara. His feelings were gathering and were mixing up.


He felt confused. He loved Yunho right? He loved Hara only as a friend right? What was wrong with him? He kept battling with his feelings until he got confused. He got to tired mentally and physically as he fell asleep on top of her.


12:00 Midnight, February 15



Author's Note: If you are wondering why my rated scenes suck, don't worry, that's a natural thing for me haha!

Next Chapter: Five

Ji Ji!! ^^


忘れないで (Don't Forget) - [3]

Chapter Title: Heartbreaker
Drama//Romance//Angst//General//Humor//Yaoi//Slight Yuri
Warning(s): Explicit Sexual Scenes or Sexual References//Fictional Characters//Cussing//Fluff
DBSK (All Members) || Lee Hara


Author's Note: Don't Shoot Me


February 14 : 12:00 midnight


Hara was getting ready for bed, it’s been a long day with the school production being made and everyone was just running in circles the whole day. Today, she also noticed how dazed Jaejoong has been. Amidst people lurking and running around, he was simply sitting down and staring at nothing. Hara laid on her bed thinking of that while staring at the ceiling. But something disturbed her thoughts.


“Hello?” she answered her phone after struggling to feel it by the side table.


“Jagiya…” Jaejoong’s husky voice was heard from the other end. Hara’s heart fluttered, yet it felt depressed as well since she knew how Jaejoong was feeling right  now. She sighed and neither of them spoke up first.


“What if I just give up on it?” Jaejoong suddenly said and Hara’s sat up quickly.


“Ya! Kim Jaejoong don’t even think about it!” Hara yelled.


“Ya! Lee Hara shut your mouth it’s late already go to sleep!” Jun Ki yelled from his room. Hara simply ignored her brother.


“Well what’s the point? He doesn’t like me, he never will be interested in people like me. It’s reality, you said it yourself before remember? Now it’s my turn to say it to myself. I know what’s real and not. And what’s real in this is that I won’t ever end up with a guy like Jung Yunho. You know there are barely any chances of it anyway.” Jaejoong said, continuing every word without breathing out for even a second.


“Aish Kim Jaejoong, really now… Don’t just give up okay? I promise you, Jung Yunho will be all yours!” Hara said.


“As much as I appreciate how sweet and kind you are being I won’t even accept you to do that. Don’t say that Hara, just let it go. I’ll see you tomorrow okay? Goodnight!” Jaejoong said and hanged up before Hara could say another word. Hara shut her phone and hit it onto her bed, causing it to bounce off onto the ground. She laid back, annoyed as she shifted around and ruffled every inch of her bed.


If there was one thing she hated, it was being told to bug off. Jaejoong may not have said it straightforward, or maybe it wasn’t even his intention but it surely sounded like it. When Hara wanted to do something, especially for Jaejoong, she was always determined to win. Never lose. Something she got from her father, a bad habit at it too. She’s definitely going to make Jung Yunho, Jaejoong’s property.


“Wake up.” Jun Ki said towards his sister. Hara’s eyes fluttered open slowly and her brother’s face was inches from him. She sighed and closed her eyes as she pushed his face away and got up. She rubbed her eyes gently and she woke up to her brother holding a rose.


“What’s this?” Hara asked as she grabbed it.


“Always forgetful. It’s Valentine’s Day. You know I always give you and eomma a rose during this day. Now get ready for school.” Jun Ki said and left the room.


“Valentine’s Day… Valentine’s Day… Omo! Valentine’s Day!” Hara said and jumped off of her bed. Rushing to bathe quickly and getting her clothes on as she grabbed onto her things and ran for her life. Greeting her mother a quick valentine’s day. Her dad was already at work by now. She rushed towards the park and Jaejoong was sitting there patiently.


“Well you seem a little late today.” Jaejoong said as he looked over at her. She was panting and gasping for air.


“Mian… (Sorry…) Happy Valentine’s Day loser.”Hara said and sat on the chair falling onto Jaejoong and lying on him.


“We still have an hour before school starts. Where do you want to go after school?” Jaejoong asked and Hara was confused. She sat up and gave him a confusing look.


“What? I’m asking. I mean, we always celebrate special occasions no matter what they are. Where do you want to go?” Jaejoong asked.


“Well… Let’s just go to your place instead!” Hara said as she smiled. Jaejoong nodded his head and they left for school. They were greeted by the Student Body President by the front gate, greeting them and giving them a rose. Something he decided to do during this special occasions.


Jaejoong and Hara walked around the school. Arm in arm and looking around at the people. A lot of them were smooching at one another and even kissing in public. They even spotted one of their teachers chasing those two who kissed. A bunch of girls suddenly stopped and blocked Hara and Jaejoong’s direction.


“Oppa! This is for you!” one girl said as they shoved him the chocolates and gifts they had for him. Jaejoong gladly accepted them and they all smiled at him. Before leaving, they made sure to leave a glare towards Hara and she smiled at them. They marched off.


“Oh, I just so love your fangirls Jaejoong.” Hara said as she giggled and began to walk off. The two of them were giggling and laughing but it was put into a stop when everyone were crowded by the door of their homeroom class.


“What’s going on?” Hara asked one of the students.


“Yunho’s going to finally ask her! Aigoo! They are so cute.” The student said and Hara looked at Jaejoong’s reaction. Hurt.


They went through the crowd, slightly pushing off some of the people. As they through, the chairs were pushed back towards the side and there were rose petals everywhere. By the Teacher’s desk stood Yunho and by the center stood Ara. The two of them were smiling at each other. Hara was just as confused as Jaejoong was.


“Ara…” Yunho spoke and the people around squealed and giggled.


“I know it’s early but what the heck right?” Yunho began to spoke. The suspense was killing Hara. She rolled her eyes.


“Aish, would you just say what you want to say?” Hara suddenly spoke aloud and everyone including the couple looked at her. Hara bowed her head down in embarrassment and everyone else except Jaejoong giggled at her. Yunho chuckled and Ara did the same. They looked back at each other and Ara couldn’t hold her eager smile any longer.


“Ara, I love you so much and nobody can get in the way of that.” Yunho said, and with those words Jaejoong bit his lower lip as his chest tightened and his heart was slowly cracking.


“So… Would you marry me?” Yunho said as he kneeled on one leg and showed Ara a sparkling ring that along with Hara felt blinded by it. Jaejoong’s eyes began to water up and he pushed off the people as he tried to run off. Hara was too busy to even notice this.


Jaejoong ran towards the stairs of their school and ran up to wherever his feet took him. He ran towards the rooftop and stopped by the edge of the building. He stared down and continued to cry. He thought of suicide but then he thought twice about it. He covered his mouth to muffle his tears and he fell to the ground as he hung his head low in embarrassment to himself.


Hara by now was searching everywhere for Jaejoong. She would constantly ask the people by the hallways if they saw Jaejoong anywhere. Jaejoong was nowhere to be found until Hara thought of where he was. She slapped her head once she suddenly realized where he was. She ran quickly and as expected Jaejoong was there sitting by the edge, hugging his legs to himself.

“Joongie…” Hara called but Jaejoong refused to look. He stared, just simply dazing at the sky moving so slowly. Hara crouched down next to him as she pouted and looked at her best friend.


“Joongie ah…” Hara called once more and Jaejoong began to cry again. He held onto his legs tighter and tried to sink his head lower as he continued to cry silently.


“No matter how hard you try to sink your head I’ll always see you cry anyway. Stop it please.” Hara said as she pleaded but Jaejoong was being selfish. He slowly turned his head towards Hara who was giving him off a weak smile. Jaejoong let go of his legs and Hara took this chance and hugged him.


“Just ignore it. Jung Yunho won’t know what he’s missing! He’ll regret it! He’ll regret not ever looking at a handsome, muscular, sweet and sensitive Jaejoong!” Hara said as she brushed off the bangs on Jaejoong’s forehead. As if a mother calming down her child after crying severely.


The two spent the whole day there, skipping all their classes. By dismissal time they left the rooftop and went down. Some of their friends asked where they have been and all she said was that it was a simply a secret to where they went. Jaejoong was now smiling and everything and they made their way to the gate but hell just loved playing with Jaejoong.


“Hey!” Yunho greeted the two. Jaejoong and Hara stopped. Hara was seriously beginning to hate Yunho no matter how sweet and clueless he was. Jaejoong’s eyes drifted onto’s Ara’s hand, the ring was sparkling just there and he felt his chest tighten again as he tried to fight the feeling away.


“Me and Ara are going to watch a movie together, would you two like to-” before Yunho can finish, he was suddenly cut off.


“No.” Hara said flatly and bitterly. Yunho was slightly taken aback but he decided to just smile onto it.


“Are you-”


“Yes we are infinitely sure Yunho. Me and Jaejoong have plans for valentine’s day already.” Hara said and to block of further conversations she grabbed Jaejoong’s hand and they walked pass by the two. Jaejoong felt his heart sink into a million pieces but with Hara’s help he was able to build it up a notch.


“Don’t let him ever go under your skin Jaejoong. Don’t let him poison you with his sweetness and bravery. Don’t let his charms cast a spell on you. Whatever you do, ignore Jung Yunho for the remainder of time.” Hara said and Jaejoong was slightly surprised. He was taken aback, to think that Hara was actually aiming to steal Yunho for him, she was no trying to block him off of Jaejoong’s life.


Author's Note: Next Chapter is... I just pray YunJae fans won't kill me on the next chapter XD

Next Chapter: Four

Feb. 3rd, 2011

Ji Ji!! ^^


忘れないで (Don't Forget) - [2]

Chapter Title: Best Friend
Drama//Romance//Angst//General//Humor//Yaoi//Slight Yuri
Warning(s): Explicit Sexual Scenes or Sexual References//Fictional Characters//Cussing//Fluff
DBSK (All Members) || Lee Hara


Author's Note: This won't be as long as the previous one but I've tried.


The last three occupying hours were study period for both Jaejoong and Hara. As usual they headed over towards the library to grab some books, sit on the same spot, open the books by a random page, open their notebooks and pull their pens out. But no, they were not going to take down notes. They were just going to gossip as always.


“Do you really think I can get a guy like him? You know, facing reality I find it nearly impossible.” Jaejoong said as he looked down on the pages of a new text book by the library, flipping them slowly.


“Aish, Kim Jaejoong. I love you so much, you’re practically the only person I can ever trust. Now, hearing you say that breaks my heart. I told you that you could make any swoon over yourself. Yet, here you are doubting the things I say. You don’t trust me then.” Hara said pouting. Jaejoong pouted back in guilt. He leaned forward and lifted her chin with his finger.


“Aigoo, Jagiya, I’m so sorry.” Jaejoong said flashing his famous smile and the distrust Hara felt wore off. She smiled softly back and a voice caught her attention.


“Ahjumma, I was wondering if you have the book Thorn Year? I need it for a book report.” A deep voice could be heard all the way from the librarian’s desk. Hara pries off Jaejoong’s hand and looks back. Jaejoong grows curious of her action and peaks to see who she was looking at. His heart skipped a beat and he felt like melting when he saw the man turn, it was Jung Yunho.


“Joongie, look! It’s him!” Hara said slowly pointing at Yunho. Jaejoong nodded his head vigorously. He felt excited. There were so many empty seats and desks though. Jaejoong wanted Yunho to stay at the same table as them. He knew that by that time Hara would transfer from a distant seat and keep an eye on the two of them.


“I know what you’re thinking.” Hara said as she smirked mischievously at Jaejoong. Jaejoong had a confusingly surprised look on his face. Acting all innocent as if he never knew what she meant, when in fact he totally does.


“What are you talking about jagiya?” Jaejoong asked with a sweet tone and Hara bursts out laughing out loud, her voice echoing through the library. She stops when she realizes this and grins. She turns her head to look at Yunho and there he was staring straight at them. Hara quickly turned her head away and Jaejoong’s eyes grew in panic.


“Great! Look at what you just did!” Jaejoong said as he leaned forward along with Hara, whispering intensely.


“It’s not my fault! It’s yours! You made me laugh with your stupid fake innocence!” Hara bickered back intensely yet quietly. Before they could finish Yunho stood in front of them and they lit their heads up and smile at him as they pull back gently towards their seats.


“Didn’t expect to see you two here but, then again we go to the same school so I guess that’s quite expected right? Anyway, how have you been Jaejoong? Do they still run after you?” Yunho asked and Jaejoong couldn’t help but smile and Hara grinned, resisting her laughter.


“Eh? Ah… Not anymore.” Jaejoong said. What a lie. Despite that happening, Jaejoong was still bullied. Except he wasn’t beaten up or anything but he definitely was still bullied. He’d open his locker and find a bunch of papers with the words fag or gay in it. He’d also find something different like raw fish inside of it sometimes. And he’d definitely lose his bag and then find it up a tree, open and with all his things scattered on the ground or his notebooks used to wipe poop off random animals they see straying there.


“Well if they do don’t be afraid of them. They’re a bunch of losers and low lives who don’t have a decent future or even one at all. Why don’t you fit back against them? You seem all tough and stuff anyway.” Yunho said as he sent a punch towards Jaejoong’s arm. It wasn’t too strong nor was it took weak and yet Jaejoong winced in pain. Hara is one who can confirm that Yunho was right. Jaejoong had a good physique, a very good one. Heck, she’s practically seen him naked.


“I guess I’m just not into punching and hitting.” Jaejoong said quietly and the wider Hara grinned.


“Ah, well that’s not really good especially since you’re being bullied. Listen, if you want help in fighting  back you could tell me. I’ll help you out if you want. Anyway, I gotta go, see you two around.” Yunho said and nodded at them as he bid farewell and left. Hara stared at Jaejoong grinning, her grin was breaking and Jaejoong stared at her with curiosity. Once she heard the library’s door close and let out a mute laugh as she buried her face towards the table, laughing irresistibly.


“Ha ha, very funny.” Jaejoong mocked. When time passed by both Jaejoong and Hara walked out. Today was a Friday and that meant that Jaejoong gets to stay over at Hara’s place. Every weekend their parents would head out and spend a night out somewhere else, doing who knows what.


“You know, Yunho’s right when he said you should learn how to fight back. I mean, come on Panda, imagine if you learned how to fight and showed those bullies! Then they won’t have to tease little baby boo anymore.” Hara said as she pinched Jaejoong’s cheeks, speaking childish and babyish at the last statement. She certainly had a set of nicknames for Jaejoong.


“I’d love to but you know I wouldn’t.” Jaejoong said as he gently pried off her hand from him.


“But what about that time you helped me in kindergarten? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.” Hara said as she smiled. The first time she actually started liking Jaejoong was then. Bullies would always take advantage of Hara cause she was smile and fragile plus easy to tease. Until came along Kim Jaejoong and since then nobody even dared touch her.


“Yeah yeah, I remember completely.” Jaejoong said and the two continued to walk and laugh a bit. She and Jaejoong headed for a coffee shop, Hara was craving for blueberry cheesecake. As they got in there wasn’t much people around. Hara walked up to the counter to order and Jaejoong was just right behind her. He glanced around and one particular thing, rather, couple, caught his attention.


Yunho? Jaejoong thought as he looked over at a farther corner. There sat Yunho, intensely close with another girl, and practically nibbling on her ear as he sense he was whispering sweet stuff to her. She was giggling and both were smiling. Jaejoong felt his heart get punched, smacked, torn apart, sank and burn into ashes and be flown away by the wind.


Jaejoong’s breathing got heavy, he knew he was about to cry. He felt really heartbroken at the scene and he wasn’t just gonna stand there and do nothing. So he did the best solution. He ran out of the café real quick alarming some of the people including the couple, Yunho and his mystery girl. Hara got her order and as she turned she spotted Jaejoong running away.


“Jaejoong ah!” she called out as she ran out for him. Yunho looked at the two, he recognized them but he wasn’t sure if it was them until Hara called Jaejoong’s name. Jaejoong stopped by a farther bench in front of a closed down DVD rental. Hara ran to him there and gasped for air as she stopped and stood in front of him, while he sat there with his head down and crying.


“Jaegiya, what’s wrong?” Hara asked with completely concern. Her heart was sinking just seeing him like that, and she had no idea why he was like that. Jaejoong’s hands were on his knees and he clenched onto them tighter. Hara noticed and she found tears dripping onto his hand and Jaejoong sniffling.


“Aigoo…” she exclaimed as she walked closer and hugged him. His head on her stomach as she brushed her fingers through his hair, trying to relax him.


“Whatever it is, just ignore it and think of positive and happy thoughts okay? I’m here, don’t worry.” Hara said reassuring him he wasn’t alone. Just then did Jaejoong wrap his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, crying by her stomach on her clothes.


They stayed like that for a couple of minutes before heading to Hara’s place. Once they got there she opted to cook Jaejoong something delicious to ease the pain she still was not aware of. Jaejoong sat on her bed just staring at the ground thinking of what he saw then his mind suddenly going blank and thinking of the situation again. Just then did Hara come inside with food. She placed the tray on the bed in front of Jaejoong and sat closer to him.


“Do you want to tell me what’s wrong now or after you eat? As much as I don’t want to be nosy and tell you that it’s alright if you don’t tell me, apparently I have to or else I’ll feel really hurt and I know you hate that.” Hara said as she grabbed his hand and rubbed it gently.


“I just…” Jaejoong began but he stopped when he felt tears coming. Hara pulled his head down and hugged him like a child. He laid his head on her lap and she played with his hair as she caressed his cheek.


“If you want to cry, do it. But you have to tell me what’s wrong?” Hara asked.


“Yunho… and a girl…” Jaejoong said and Hara sighed. She knew this was coming. A man like Yunho wouldn’t possibly be single. But then, Jaejoong is even he still has some slight interest with women. Hara opted to just smile but she couldn’t.


“Joongie, we both expected this, didn’t we? I mean, Yunho’s a man and a man needs a woman in their life.” Hara said.


“I don’t yet I’m a man.” Jaejoong said and Hara pouted in disappointment.


“What about me? Am I not a woman? Aish… Be that way…” Hara said and stopped touching him as she crossed her arms, pouted some more and turned her head away. Jaejoong shifted his position and looked up at her with a pouting face.


“Aren’t I the depressed one and not you?” Jaejoong asked as he looked at his best friend. Hara looked down and sighed as she smiled. She pinched Jaejoong’s cheek and he smiled and chuckled a bit.


“There you go.” Hara said as she smiled wider and so did Jaejoong. They spent the rest of the time just eating and watching random movies and goofing around. Videotaping themselves dancing silly and stupid and making cute poses for the camera.




“Joongie! Get up, I want to go out to the mall today! Please!” Hara begged as she hugged Jaejoong from behind while they laid on her bed and she wrapped one leg around him begging and pleading for him to get up so they could head to the mall. Jaejoong groaned and tried to pry her leg off but she leeched onto him tight.


“Fine.” Jaejoong finally said as he got up feeling completely sleepy. Hara smiled and rushed to the bathroom to get ready. Jaejoong kept thinking about Yunho and the incident yesterday. He wanted that memory, that picture erased and he had no idea how. He heard the shower and water trickling loud from the slightly opened bathroom door.


She’ll kill me. Jaejoong though. She’s inside the shower, I’ll use the sink and just not look. Jaejoong said as he got up from the bed and walked over the bathroom. He brushed his teeth trying to ignore the fact that his very best friend was inside the shower, naked and water trickling down from her body.


Like every other man, Jaejoong gets turned on over those things. Even if he’s totally into guys and not girls he still felt turned on by Hara and some other girls from time to time. That’s normal, not something you can’t expect from a guy. Homosexual or not, it’s totally normal.


The two were finally done brushing up and headed to the mall. Jaejoong was quite surprised over the millions of things Hara bought, thinking that this was something new to him. Hara hated shopping yet here she was. Was it because she knew that Jaejoong would enjoy? After some intense shopping they sat by the food court and ate.


“I know what you were planning jagiya.” Jaejoong said and Hara’s head shot up surprised, alarmed and confused.


“You only went to the mall, dragging me along because you knew I’d finally feel happy and forget what I saw yesterday right?” Jaejoong said, stating his true theory. Hara bit her lower lip in guilt and Jaejoong laughed. As he laughed he noticed a couple coming by and he felt like this was the worst day or portion of his life.


“Hey you two!” Yunho greeted them, a girl next to him, his arm around the pretty girl. Hara admitted herself that she was gorgeous and so did Jaejoong. Yet he felt the pain and he wanted to just punch the girl to back off of Yunho. Jaejoong and Hara simply smiled at them.


“Didn’t expect to see you here.” Yunho said adding some flavor the silence.


“By the way, this is Ara.” Yunho pointed out as he introduced the girl with him. Ara, placed her hand out for them to shake. Hara did so and it paused for a bit with Jaejoong before he finally decided to do just that. Ara looked at the two of them and smiled.


“You two look cute together. You must feel really happy right? Um, I didn’t really catch your names.” Ara said kindly.


“Ah, mian (sorry) I forgot to introduce the two of you to her. This is Jaejoong and that’s Hara. We go to the same school. And yeah, I agree, you two look very cute.” Yunho said and Hara felt her insides turn upside down. Not because she hated it but because she actually liked that compliment.


“Hara sshi must feel so happy having Jaejoong sshi around.” Ara pointed out and the two looked at each other with wide eyes and completely surprised.


“Ah, well that thing is-” Hara was about to continue when…


“Thank you. And I bet she is too.” Jaejoong answered and Hara looked at him confused but she maintained a blank face as she slightly pouted at him while Jaejoong decided to look at the couple instead of Hara’s pouting face.


“Hey listen, me and Ara are going to watch a movie. You two want to come?” Yunho asked.


“Yeah sure! That’d be great.” Jaejoong said as he sat up quickly. Hara followed with and took the paper bags. Jaejoong linked his arm along hers, something they did when they walked.


“What was that?” Hara whispered into his ear as they followed the couple in front of them.


“Just go with the flow.” Jaejoong said. Hara was confused at his plan. In fact, so was Jaejoong. He wanted to make Yunho feel jealous but how would the man feel jealous when he’s got himself a girlfriend and isn’t interested in Jaejoong’s interest as well. They headed to the cinema and watched something romantic. In the middle of the movie Jaejoong heard kissing sounds and as he and Hara turned their heads they spotted the two kissing.


Hara’s expression became bitter and she watched Jaejoong’s face turn all sad. She held his hand and pulled him out. The other couple didn’t notice the two of them leave the cinema. As they got out Hara breathed out a sigh.


“Why did we leave?” Jaejoong asked and Hara glared at him with her hands on her waist.


“You expect us to stay there and just watch them make out throughout the whole movie? If that’s what you were watching well I was watching something else. I was watching my best friend get hurt in there. No way am I staying to finish that kind of movie.” Hara said, angry.


“What was your intentions anyway? I mean, what will you get out of them if you tell them I’m your girlfriend and that we are in some decent beautiful relationship and we ignore the fact that they act all sweet in front of us and we try to ignore your feelings?” Hara scolded.


“Kim Jaejoong, my little panda, my Joongie, my precious boo. Do you really think you’ll get something out of those ideas that inside that brain of yours? Don’t ever do this again… Araso? (Understand?)” Hara asked and Jaejoong played with his fingers, his head down and he nodded gently. Hara changed her expression into worry. She didn’t want to say those but she had to. She pulled onto Jaejoong’s hand and dragged him out of the mall as they headed for the park.


It was peaceful and even the loud yelling of children playing was a beautiful sound. Hara and Jaejoong stayed by a bench. Jaejoong laid on her lap as he continued to play with his fingers. Hara simply kept putting her mind onto something else, it seemed intense and Jaejoong kept reading her expression.


“Are you going to tell me or not?” Jaejoong asked. Hara looked down at him. She scratched her head and pulled back her hair, fixing it.


“Not yet. Let’s go home, I’m so tired.” Hara said. As they made their way home Hara kept thinking of plans she could use to get Yunho to like Jaejoong. With her finding out that Yunho had a girlfriend made her more worried over her original plan.


And knowing his girlfriend for a bit, based on the first impression, she was not only gorgeous and sweet looking but she was in fact so innocent and angelic. Even if Hara was a man she’d want Ara to be his girlfriend. Things have just gotten difficult for her. And now, she has to deal with Jaejoong being depressed a lot because of this new news.


Author's Note: I know there isn't much YunJae or none yet at all but I want to make this fic really long which is why I'm trying to take things slow. Plus, there's a reason why I made Jaejoong's best friend a girl too. :D This chapter already gave hints...

Next Chapter: Three

Jan. 31st, 2011

Ji Ji!! ^^


忘れないで (Don't Forget) - [1]

Chapter Title: My Hero
Drama//Romance//Angst//General//Humor//Yaoi//Slight Yuri
Warning(s): Explicit Sexual Scenes or Sexual References//Fictional Characters//Cussing//Fluff
DBSK (All Members) || Lee Hara


“Aish! Ya! Park Changmin! You better stop making a mess and just eat your food properly! Ah, seriously…” Junsu said raising his food as he watched his son make a mess while eating food. Changmin was already 10 years old yet he acted like a 6 year old. He was spoiled, Yoochun gave him almost everything he wanted but of course at times he’d also get mad at the little one.


Nope, no uh, it’s not what you think. First off, how can a man give birth to a child? Just imagine the possible way of getting that child out. Oh my, I’m shivering just thinking about it. Anyway, moving on. Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun have been together for years now. The past they had was a major burden but they are putting it aside.


Yoochun worked as an English teacher at a high school. Women swoon over him, including his co-workers but everyone knew he was taken, but never imagined it being a man. But that was the thing of the past, now was the present and things have been going smoothly… So far that is…


“I swear, I’m going nuts over this kid.” Junsu said to the two other lovers in front of him.


“Ah, you just love him. He’s so adorable.” Yunho said as he ruffled Changmin’s hair. The little boy looked up with food all over his face, smiling adorably. Yunho’s lover on the other hand, Jaejoong, made a disgusting look on his face as he saw the kid.


“Ah, you should start eating cleanly okay?” Yunho said as he used his fingers to scrap some off of his face. The more disgusted Jaejoong looked.


“Aish! Jung Yunho! Don’t do that, that’s just disgusting! Use a napkin or something.” Jaejoong said as he scolded Yunho. Yunho simple giggled.


Cold. Cold. Cold. Jaejoong was known for being that. Kim Jaejoong was known for being a cold hearted man towards anything that he found, disgusting or disturbing. He was clean, he loved cleaning, it was like an addiction. Yeah, OCD. He was quite arrogant too and you can say a little too quiet at times but believe me, he’ll start talking madly once you’ve gotten him to his starting point.


Some women wonder why Jung Yunho would even love a guy like him. Jung Yunho was the total opposite. He loved a lot of things. Children were adorable, most probably because he took care of his younger sister Ji Hye throughout his whole life. Yunho was a gentle man, very proper, good background, intelligent and very well sophisticated and caring.


He met Jaejoong years before. Jaejoong was slightly fragile back then, as off he still is now. Very sensitive and cries easily. In high school, it was revealed that he had a crush on somebody. A man. Because of this, most of the men in their school, including the ones who he has no idea existed beyond his popularity status, began beating him up senselessly because of the way he was.


Tons of fathers would kill their sons to become gay. Kim Jaejoong tried to hide it. Yunho came into one of the kicking sessions ones and called them off. Lucky for Jaejoong, so many people respected Jung Yunho because he was someone to be praised for. Ever since that faithful day Jaejoong has embedded his life onto Jung Yunho.


And now, let’s see what history can simply tell us.




“Kim Jaejoong ah! Tell me! Come on! Who is it! Please?” Hara begged her best friend Kim Jaejoong to spill. He was in no intention of doing it. Lee Hara and Kim Jaejoong have known each other since practical birth. Hara’s mother has always wanted Jaejoong to become her future husband and even if Hara has had hidden desires or feelings for Jaejoong she’d push them away, wanting to keep that strong friendship they shared. And she knew Jaejoong’s little secret.


He was not into women.


“No.” Jaejoong said flatly as he continued to read his book. Hara clicked her tongue and sat back on her desk and scrunched her face. She slammed the notebook she was holding onto her desk along with the rest of her books and started to fix them up as she rose from her chair.


“Fine! Be that way! Don’t even think of walking home with me! And find a new lab partner!” Hara said and Jaejoong suddenly became alert. He grabbed onto her wrist as she was about to leave.


“Jagiya, (Baby,) don’t leave me.” Jaejoong said lovingly like how a boyfriend would say it. Hara felt her heart flutter but then who wouldn’t when a guy calls her baby right? Hara sighed, she knew she was defeated and eventually she’ll give in. She turned around and place her books back on her desk and sat while crossing her arms and looking straight onto the blackboard.


“You are so lucky I love you.” Hara said as she glared at him and Jaejoong grinned.


“Why can’t you tell me?!” Hara suddenly popped her into her senses and whined.


“Because, I can’t okay? It’s better if I don’t.” Jaejoong said and the more she pouted. She became curious to know who this man was and she was determined to figure out who it was. Suddenly, her brother Lee Jun Ki comes in.


“Oppa!” Hara calls and Jun Ki flashes his smile at his dongsaeng as he approaches them and hugs her and giving Jaejoong a tug on the shoulder. Hara was smiling brightly, she believed a lot in her oppa and he took well care of her. They rarely fought and it was usually over stupid things which eventually led them into laughing at one another. As Hara turned her head to face Jaejoong she noticed he seemed to try to hide his face and his cheeks were tinting red.


“Anyway, I gotta go first dongsaeng. I just came to stop by and say that I can’t walk home with you today. I’ve got an after meeting with the basketball team. I’ll just call eomma later at lunch to tell her I won’t be swinging home till 6 pm. Jaejoong ah…” Jun Ki said, Hara still affixed at Jaejoong’s blushing face. Jaejoong heard Jun Ki call him and quickly faced him.


“Can I trust that you can take my precious dongsaeng home for me? Pretty please? Take your future wife home safely.” Jun Ki said and Hara punched Jun Ki playfully.


“Ya! Don’t say that!” Hara said raising her voice and Jun Ki giggled as he continued to tease. Not even Jun Ki knew that Jaejoong was not into women. He gave a salute as a goodbye towards the two and headed out. Hara turned her attention to Jaejoong, remembering the fact he just blushed. She grinned. She now found out.


“Oh my God it’s Jun Ki isn’t it?” Hara asked and Jaejoong turned to face her quickly, his face flushing into more tint of pink, slowing becoming red. Jaejoong gulped and looked away and Hara’s mouth opened in happiness as she let out a laugh.


“Oh my Lord it is him!!!! Oh my God!!! How can I be so blind?!” Hara said completely happy as she figured it out. Jaejoong bit his lower lip, deciding to stay shut as he knew Hara was smart enough to figure that if he tried to deny it and defend himself it only meant that her theory was true. But in fact, it was. Jaejoong has liked Jun Ki for a long time now.


It’s also one of the reasons his friendship and bond with Hara became wider and better. Hara and Jaejoong would tell secrets to one another but Jaejoong has since then been silent about his love affair or crushes over some other guys. But now Hara knew who it was and she couldn’t believe it. She was honestly happy but depressed at the same time.


She was glad at first because she thought then she could help better. She could help Jaejoong try and get him. Hook them up since she practically saw them every day and that Jun Ki was very close with her. But the problem was, she suddenly remembered that Jun Ki was into women. He wasn’t a homosexual like Jaejoong. He loved women so much he could die for all of them. Her smile faded as soon as she realized this.


“Is that why you wouldn’t tell me?” Hara’s tone became sad. Jaejoong looked onto his fingers and began to play with them as he scratched his nail from his other hand towards the other. Hara clicked her tongue and let a soft smile creep onto her face. She placed her hand on top of Jaejoong’s and made him look at her.


“Listen, don’t worry. Things can change. Besides, it’s only a little crush right? Even if it wasn’t it’ll fly away. You’ll eventually meet a man who is worthy of you.” Hara smiled at Jaejoong and then gave him a hug.


Jaejoong honestly loved and still does love Hara. At times he’d wish he wasn’t like this and instead make Hara his, mark her as his territory and make her the future wife that she should be. But nonetheless, everyone knew that Hara was practically owned. That nobody could touch her, unless Jaejoong gave permission.


After two periods then came lunch before the last period itself. Jaejoong and Hara sat at their usually spot. Jaejoong had a salad, chocolate pudding and banana milk on his tray while Hara had chicken with macaroni and cheese with salad as well as chocolate pudding and chocolate milk. Yes, the girl could eat and it was something Jaejoong adored since he loved cooking.


“Jaejoongie! Guess what!” Hara said feeling all giddy and excited to tell Jaejoong the news.


“H.O.T.’s reunion concert is happening soon! And goes he has tickets!” Hara said feeling all excited. The piece of lettuce from Jaejoong’s mouth fell back onto its container and he smiled as he grinned. He stood up from his seat and went around to sit next to Hara, grabbing her arm and placing his head onto her shoulder.


“Jagiya!” he called out cutely as he began to shaky his body along with Hara. She couldn’t help but giggle at his cute imagery. It was adorable and she loved the way Jaejoong was. Sweet and gentle. That’s the Jaejoong she loved and knew.


“Mm?” she replied trying to resist her laughter.


“Jagiya will take Joongie with her to the H.O.T. reunion.” Jaejoong said with a smile on his face. Hara suddenly pouted and then turned to him.


“Who says Jagiya wants to take Joongie to H.O.T.’s reunion?” she teased and Jaejoong pouted. He sat up straight and hugged her closer.


“Joongie wants to go and Jagiya will take him.” Jaejoong continued to act cute. Some of the girls in the cafeteria were simply green with envy as they noticed how cute and close Jaejoong was acting around her. Their skinship was too close that they wanted to just grab their plastic sporks and stab her.


“Jagiya wants to go alone. Or maybe Jagiya can ask another man to take her.” Hara said turned her head to the side and releasing her tongue as she smiled and resisted more of the urging laughter. Jaejoong then placed one leg over her lap and hugged her tighter, burying his face on her neck.


“Joongie wants to go! Joongie wants to go!” Jaejoong kept chanting like a child and finally she broke from laughter when she felt Jaejoong nibbling on her neck. She laughed hard enough for everyone to hear. Jaejoong looked up at her with a smile of success.


“Fine. Joongie gets to go only if he promises to never keep secrets from me ever again.” Hara said and Jaejoong nodded and she smiled. They went back to eating and eventually walked home together. As usual, Jaejoong would always hold her hand and sway it as they walked together. The two were such close friends, nothing can destroy that deep friendship.


“Oh by the way, since when did you start liking oppa?” Hara asked Jaejoong as she released their hands and hugged him by the waist, laying her head on him as Jaejoong placed his right arm around her, pulling her closer and his other hand holding onto the one embracing her.


“Since a month ago.” Jaejoong said and Hara gasped as she pulled away.


“Is it love?” Hara asked. Jaejoong shrugged his shoulders.


“Mola… (I don’t know…)” Jaejoong said and they continued to walk home. As soon as they did, they were greeted by Hara’s mother. Jaejoong mostly ate dinner over there when there was a pile of homeworks to do, sometimes, he’d even fall asleep there or even snuggle next to Hara and just continue to talk like normal best friends.




“Hara! Hara!” Taeyeon kept running along the corridors, opening random classrooms as she searched for Hara while panicking deeply. By the 9th door she opened she spotted Hara sitting on top of a desk chatting with two girls and giggling along.


“Hara!” Taeyeon yelled and the three looked up at Taeyeon. Hara stood up straight as she got down from the desk and was near a panting tired Taeyeon.


“What’s wrong?” Hara asked with concern over her.


“Jaejoong! The boys are kicking and punching him at the rooftop!” Taeyeon yelled and everyone in the classroom heard this. They all gasped and Hara’s eyes grew and she didn’t take a second to think and began to run. She ran as fast as she could. Hara wasn’t the sporty type like Jaejoong. She loved softball but she barely played. As she kept running some people were following her behind. A crowd was forming slowly when more news came.


“Son of a bitch! You deserve to die you jackass! I can’t believe my dongsaeng even liked you!” one kid said.


“If I were you, I would’ve killed myself as soon as I found out I was gay!” the other spoke. The seven of them kept kicking Jaejoong as if he was some kind of soccer ball. He had cuts on his face and he was already spitting out blood as he shut his eyes tight bearing the pain. He had no energy to even get up from where he is.


“Ya!” Hara yelled as soon as she burst through the rooftop. The seven backed up a bit and gave view to Jaejoong who was bleeding on the ground. Hara’s eyes grew and she began to cry. She ran towards them but was pulled off by two of the guys leaving the remaining to kick him and continue while the others held her back and made her watch.


“Stop it!” Hara said as she struggled to break free and her tears wouldn’t stop. Hara kept yelling and even looking back at the crowd by the door begging them to do something and help. They were all too amazed at the scene to even help.


“Ya!” a deep voice yelled from the crowd. All of them stopped and Hara turned to see who it was. A kid with slight spiky hair stood there. Gorgeous almond shaped eyes and a wonderful figure hidden beneath that school uniform. He glared at the crowd of guys.


“Jung Yunho shit!” one of the guys holding onto Hara cursed. Jung Yunho. A well respected kid at their school. Somebody who all of them looked up to. Jaejoong’s eyes were too blurry to even see clearly. He felt like he was going to die. It’s been a practical of 2 hours since they’ve been punching and kicking him. Beating him up senselessly.


“Back off! Leave him alone!” Yunho yelled as he approached them. The two kids holding onto Hara let her go and ran for their lives. Hara didn’t take time to watch the scene and ran towards Jaejoong as she knelt down and held his head up. He coughed and some of his blood landed onto Hara’s blouse but she couldn’t careless and hugged Jaejoong tightly while the tears continued to fall.


“Shit, let’s go!” one of the guys exclaimed and began to ran pass Yunho. Yunho let them slide, he didn’t want to hurt somebody. It wasn’t like him either. The rest of the crowd continued to run off as well. Not wanting to join the mess. Yunho then approached Hara and Jaejoong.


“Come on! We need to take him to the hospital!” Yunho said as he grabbed one of Jaejoong’s arm and slung it around his shoulders while Hara took the other end and they dragged him all the way down. They went to the nurse’s office first while the school called for an ambulance. By the time the ambulance came Jaejoong was placed on a stretcher and Hara rode on the ambulance towards the hospital.


Once arriving there the doctor said Jaejoong would be fine and nothing was fractured although he nearly did fracture his ribs. He had cuts and bruises and all he needed was rest by far. Jaejoong couldn’t stop thinking of how Yunho saved him. Hara continued to wash the spots the nurses missed as they cleansed his pretty face.


“Thank God Jung Yunho was there to help us…” Hara said with concern on her voice. Jaejoong was too dazed, focused on Yunho and his facial expression. Sexy. He thought. Hot. He thought. Gentle. He felt himself melting at the thoughts. Suddenly.


“Knock knock.” A voice was heard. It was familiar. Jaejoong went back into earth and saw Yunho standing there with a small smile plastered on his face as he came in. Hara turned and stopped what she was doing. She smiled at Yunho.


“Yunho sshi, thanks so much for helping Jaejoong! We really owe you!” Hara said completely relieved to know there was still a decent man like him on earth. Yunho smiled at Hara then turned to face Jaejoong with a soft smile.


I fucking love you. Jaejoong thought onto his mind as he looked at his very own savior. His hero. His soon to be lover. If that was even possible for him. His heart and mind sank at the thought that Yunho would never accept him for who he was.


“My baby! Oh my baby!” Jaejoong’s mom came in and cupped his bruise face. Jaejoong winced at the sting of pain and his mother quickly pulled away when she noticed the pain she caused but cupped his face again causing him to wince once more.


“Oh my god my baby! Are you alright?! Who could have done this to you? You better remember their faces! We are suing!” Jaejoong’s mom said.


“Eommanim, don’t worry, I remember and I know who they are!” Hara said.


“Ahjumma, don’t worry, none of them will ever hurt Jaejoong or even Hara ever again.” Yunho said.


“What?! Hara! They hurt you too?! Where baby?! Where did they hurt my pretty angel!” Hara’s mother said raising her arms from side to side and lifting her blouse and looking at her legs to see a sign of any bruise or injury.


“Eomma I’m fine. It’s Jaejoong that was hurt. I feel so hopeless and useless.” Hara said as she mumbled the final part. Jaejoong let go of his mother’s grip and pulled Hara by her arm and hugged her tightly.


“You aren’t useless Jagiya, you tried your best to save me. I would’ve killed myself if they touched you and hurt you like what they did to me.” Jaejoong said and the two mothers along with Yunho found that cute. If only Yunho knew.




2 weeks have gone by since that incident and Jaejoong has been gushing over Yunho. Hara has already known this. She was sad that his crush over Jun Ki was over. She enjoyed teasing him. Jaejoong kept staring at Yunho was across two tables from them along with his friends laughing loudly. Hara looked at Jaejong’s eyes and turned to where he was looking and smiled.


“Aigoo, Boo Jae is in love.” Hara exclaimed as she took a bite of her sandwich.


“He’s handsome. I like him.” Jaejoong said with a smile on his face. Hara smiled back.


“Try!” Hara said and Jaejoong’s smile disappeared. He knew what she meant. And he knew so damn well that was so not going to happen at all. Jaejoong shook his head as he bit his sandwich. Hara had sandwich hanging from her mouth as she noticed Jaejoong’s answer.


“Why the heck not?” Hara asked and a piece of that break dropped onto her tray. Jaejoong snickered at how ridiculous his best friend look. He tried to resist his laughter as he chewed his food properly and swallowed it.


“Because we all know why already. He probably knows I even like him since I’ve been known for being so damn gay.” Jaejoong said with a sad tone.


“Kim Jaejoong you listen to me. If you can make any girl swoon then so can you make a man swoon! Don’t you dare say you’re not going to make him, because you will! And if I have to stand by your side 24/7 just to prove it I will! Now eat your food, gain some strength and by the end of this day Jung Yunho will be yours!” Hara said with full confidence as she punched her chest. Wrong move.


“Or at least we’ll try to work on a decent plan for today.” Hara said while in pain as she rubbed her chest and Jaejoong just giggled at her.

Author's Note: Yeah I know, not much yaoi-ness in the first chapter but believe me, now that it's been noticed that JJ is into men and Yunho is someone he admires, there'll be some more yaoi... And trouble :P

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忘れないで (Don't Forget)

Love is something strong and sacred. Something that everyone carries no matter who or what you are.


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DBSK (All Members) || Lee Hara



Ever since that incident back in high school Jaejoong has been head over heels for Yunho and with a help of a friend a simple wish comes true for a man like Jaejoong.


As years go, there is one thing that Yunho has been yearning for. And never would Jaejoong have imagined for himself to even love his decision, as it changes him and his life.

WARNING: SLOW UPDATES AHEAD MAY CAUSE MASSIVE DISFUNCTIONAL THOUGHTS. CONSTANT CURIOSITY OF THE NEXT CHAPTER AND POSSIBLY WANTING ME DEAD. (But if you end up wanting me dead then there's no possible way for you to find out the end of this fic and eventually regret killing me and be curious to know what happened for the rest of your life.) So please, spare me.

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